Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grandma's Backyard

When the weather is nice, my children like to play with their cousins in grandma's backyard. This time all they did was run from one side to the other. It makes me miss the warm weather.

Trailer Camping

We were lucky to go with some of our favorite people camping. It was so much fun for the kids to just run and play. We borrowed uncle Kevin's tent trailer (thanks Kevin!) and had a lot of fun. Makenna keeps telling me that we need to get "our trailer" back and go camping again. One of Kenny's friends saw us pulling it home and bought it from Kevin a couple of weeks later. We hope that we can be back to trailer camping before too long. Thanks for the fun trip!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Makenna's First Day of Preschool

Makenna and Haley started preschool this year. We love Miss Jen. They love going to school like their siblings.

Amazing Race Fun

We planned another Amazing Race this year. We planned one for Troy and Jen and their friends. Thanks to all of our friends who helped with the planning and executing. We had our race and these are all of our fun friends who played with us. Our two partners were not able to come at the last minute and so we recruited my nephew Ronnie to come and play with us. We started at basketball court in Daybreak and went down the street to the Daybreak Elementary playground where we had to solve a brain teaser. Thanks to Kenny and Ronnie we made it through that one. Then we went to Daybreak lake and had to row a canoe around to different docks to get our color of popsicle stick, but we had to get them in the right order. From there we drove to the outdoor swimming pool by the Olympic ice skating oval. We could choose to jump off one of the olympic diving towers. If you chose one of the lower ones then you had a time penalty. I did it once when I was a kid, but I am afraid of heights. I thought about all of the times sitting on the couch watching the show and thinking, just do it. So I jumped off of the highest. I think almost everyone that jumped came up hurting one way or another. It was a great task. Then we drove to the South Jordan equestrian park where we had to rope something and then ride a horse through a timed course. Ronnie whipped through it. We were glad we had him. Then we went to the river bottoms where Ronnie and Kenny rode bikes down the Jordan River Parkway trail. I met them at the other end where I had to find two garden gnomes and then figure out a math problem to get the address of our next task. We ended up at Jen and Troy's house where we had to play rock band good enough to get our next clue. The final stop was out at Utah Lake where we could go on a banana behind a boat or take the wave runners to find something. It was a lot of fun and they put in so much work. We met back at my house after for a BBQ and to talk about all of the fun. It was a great day. Oh yeah, did I mention that we didn't win again. Nice job red team. Thanks Jen, Troy and all those who put so much effort to make it such a fun race.

Kinlee in Kindergarten

Kinlee has been going to "school" on the bus for so long that Kindergarten was almost anticlimatic for us. She started before Daxton did because his school has an altered track schedule this year. She was so cute and there was no drama, she just got on the bus. I love her teacher this year and she has a cute "boyfriend" (more on this later).

After we put Kinlee on the bus, I took Daxton and Kinlee to Thanksgiving Point for $2 Tuesdays. They just wanted to go to the farm. It was fun. Such a difference only taking two kids, I wasn't the frantic mom for a change.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Daxton's AMAZING Birthday RACE

Abbie, Hunter, Jake, Daxton, Austin, Davis (back), Kyle, Cade

Daxton wanted an Amazing Race birthday party this year. We started with two teams of four. They began with a dart gun and tried to shoot pop cans. Once their team hit the designated number of cans, they had to chew up bubble gum and each had to blow a bubble.
From there they chose their driver (Me or Kenny) and we drove to Grandma Joyce's house where they had to eat a piece of birthday cake and sing happy birthday (cake beats some weird thing to eat). After they finished their cake and ice cream they had to each finish an obstacle course in a specified amount of time. The obstacle course was a tire run, dribble a soccer ball through cones and make a goal, then they had to make 5 baskets with a basketball from certain spots. From there they had to crawl under the ropes to get a football. Then they had to hit the telephone pole with the football to stop the time.
Then we went to the Momentum Climbing Gym to let them climb the huge rock walls. Most of their dads came to help them climb and they had a lot of fun.

Las Vegas

We went to a wedding in Las Vegas for Kenny's cousin. Kenny's aunt Katherine got us a condo at the Lake Las Vegas resort. It was awesome. Our condo was right off the pool. There are two pools, one that is perfect for kids. It steps down in levels at about 10 ft increments. It was the first pool that I could watch all my kids by myself in. My girls got really good with the arm floaties that we had. It was so much fun. We also got to see a lot of our Owens family that we only see at Panguitch each year. Thanks aunt Katherine.